22 February 2006

working for nothing (cont'd)

Following up on an earlier post on the inexcusable practice of unpaid architectural labor: PartIV has discovered that Foreign Office Architects, an office emblematic of the ambitious, talented, and selfish (borderline abusive) architect unwilling to pay their employees, actually made a £786,798 profit in 2005. For shame, FOA! And bravo, PartIV for such brilliant financial research!

link: FOA's 2005 accounts, posted on PartIV


Anonymous said...

The posting has gone. Maybe their lawyers were faster..

Norman Blogster said...

Not quite.
Watch this space and events unfold as the investigation continues.
There are things going on I can't go into right now, but the figures are correct (as anyone can see for themselves from companies house) and the posts (and more) will be back shortly.

progressive reactionary said...

smells like a scandal! can't wait to hear more / see what's next. keep up the good fight, mr. blogster.


Christoph said...

Yes. Me, too. Go for it and keep up the good work!