12 December 2005

jencks on icons

ARCHINECT HAS A FEATURED INTERVIEW with Charles Jencks discussing his new book The Iconic Building and his recent discussion/debate with Peter Eisenman at Columbia GSAPP. Jencks claims a certain criticality with respect to the propagation of iconic architecture in recent years, yet he nevertheless chooses to define these icons as

I also find his lamentation that we live in an age of "weak belief" quite disturbing and, dare I say, out of touch. I certainly understand his nostalgia for metanarratives of democracy and progress, but I would hardly say that we live in a world in which belief fails to "produce things of depth." Be careful what you wish for, Charlie.

I do like his reference to Potsdamer Platz, however, as "inflationary architecture."

link: Being Iconic on Archinect

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